Top 5 Reasons to Have a Will

  1. You choose your heirs. The state can decide how distribute your estate or you can.
  2. You can nominate guardians for your children.  You and your spouse should choose the persons who will care for your children.
  3. You can establish a trust. Creating a trust helps to ensure the financial security of your minor children, how you wish the funds to be managed and how the funds will be disbursed.
  4. Minimize the Cost & Delay of Probate.  Authorizing your executor to act without costly court supervision is important.  This also includes a review of how you hold title to your property.
  5. Manage your affairs due to Disability.  Determining who will manage your financial affairs and medical care in the event you become incapacitated.
Seventy four percent (74%) of parents with minor children do not have wills.  Care for your loved ones by creating a Will today.
How can you start the process?  Simply complete the questionnaire below and fax (678) 759-2225 or email it to me at jeremy @